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Courtney Stanley Sr. @ 78yrs. is an American Powerlifter. Courtney came on the Powerlifting scene late in life at age 54. His best lifting years were between the ages of 61 to 64. Courtney is best known as a Serious Master’s Squatter and Deadlifter. Master’s Competitions would always find Courtney attempting some of the heaviest lifts in any particular flight of Squatters or Deadlifters.

Courtney was also heavily involved in the administration of the Sport. Courtney held various offices in the United States Powerlifting Federation  (USPF) and the World Powerlifting Federation (WPF). Courtney also attained Referee status at the State, National, and International level.  Courtney Holds current records in the 60-64 Age Group and 65-69 Age group at the State, National, and World Levels.  Courtney’s career was spent primarily with the United States Powerlifting Federation and the World Powerlifting Federation.

Prior to retirement at age 63, Courtney was a Diagnostic Ultrasound Technologist with an extensive career in Academia, Direct Patient Care and Corporate (Johnson & Johnson, General Electric) Marketing, Product Development, and Training positions. Courtney is also a published author (Medical) and has a long background of public speaking both International and Domestic.Courtney is a recognized expert in Medical Imaging and Cross-Sectional Anatomy. He has given lectures in many of the most prestigious Medical Institutions and Conferences in the World. His lectures brought him to all the provinces in Canada, Mexico,The Netherlands, Austria, Germany, Belgium, The UK. He has visited by request, most of the large Medical Institutions in the US. These included Mass General, Brigham-Womens, MIT/Harvard, Washington University Medical School-The Mallinckrodt Institute(St Louis), UCLA & USC Medical Schools, UCSF Medical School, UC San Diego Medical School, The Ochsner Clinic. The Cleveland Clinic, Mt Sinai (Miami),Univ. of Florida (Gainesville), Bowman-Gray(Wake-Forest), Duke, John Hopkins, North Western(Chicago),The Mayo Clinic, Thomas Jefferson Medical School and many others too numerous to list. He is also is known for his expertise in hardware and software innovations in Diagnostic Ultrasound Systems. He has consulted, during the pioneering days of Cat Scanners and MRI Systems, on Image Reconstruction Techniques.

After leaving the Commercial Imaging world prior to full Retirement, Courtney returned to Clinical Imaging using his Multiple RDMS Credentials to work his final 7 years in Adult and Pediatric Diagnostic Ultrasound……with a special interest in neonatal cardiology.

  A Veteran of the United States Air Force, SSGT.Stanley was awarded the Outstanding “Airman of the Year” and received the Air Force Commendation Medal. and occupied the position of “Senior Under Four Advisor” to the ATC Command. Courtney also was assigned to the POW (Vietnam Prisoners of War) medical care team.  He also was sent TDY to The US Naval Hospital in San Diego to study Medical Ultrasound and attend their Radiation Physics Course.Upon return to the USAF Courtney established the 1st Diagnostic Ultrasound Service at Keesler Regional Medical Center (2nd Largest USAF Hospital) and became the first Diagnostic Medical Ultrasound Technologist in the USAF.. He also was involved with Radiation Therapy protocols and simulator techniques. 

Shortly after Retiring Courtney suffered a catastrophic shoulder injury during training, that required two major surgeries and 5 years of recovery. During this time he has devoted his time to Website Development and Blogging. Courtney has also implemented a Two a Week style of Training that is featured on this site. He also is focused on the “Over 70” athlete and writing and sharing articles about Nutrition and Training.

  • Records….

Courtney Stanley Sr. has set over 20 world records in powerlifting. He set the World Powerlifting Federation 60-64 Age Group powerlifting record total at 1.602.7 pounds.

Courtney’s best result in the Full Powerlifting (3 lift event) competition is 727.5 kg (1,602.7 lbs)[1] in the 110 kg weight class at the 2010 United States Powerlifting Federation National Champioships in Rhode Island,USA.

Courtney’s best Competition single ply lifts (Full Power ( 3 Lift Event ) :

  • Squat – 600.1 lbs (~272.5 kg)[2]

  • Bench press – 385 lbs (~185 kg)[3]

  • Deadlift – 650 lbs (~295 kg)[4]

  • Total: 1,602.7 lbs (727.5 kg)[5]

Other Sports….

    Courtney began School Sports in the 4th grade and never looked back. From 4th to 6th Grade Courtney was a halfback for Mira Vista School[6] in El Cerrito, California. During this time he lead the team in Rushing yards and Touchdowns. This Team won the School District Championship. Courtney was also a second Baseman on the Mira Vista Baseball Team and lead the Team with a .770 Batting Average and was second in the Home Run Race (24). Courtney was active at the Middle School Level at Portola Junior High in El Cerrito, Ca. This school did not particpate in organized sports at that time so Courtney Ran AAU Track: 100-200 and High Jump and Standing Long Jump, to keep in shape.  During his High School Years at Harry Ells High School in Richmond,California, Courtney was active in Football as an End, and was a standout swimmer. Courtney was an ACAL League champion Swimmer and Swam in the California State Championships against the likes of Olympic multi-Gold Medalist Don Schollander[10] and Indiana Star Ralph Kendrick[11]Courtney’s best times were 22:00 50 Free and a 55:00 100yd freestyle. He won multiple meets during the years 1961-1963. Following H.S. Courtney attended briefly Contra Costa College where he played Flankerback for Hall of Fame Coach Vince Maiorana[12]. Courtney’s counterpart at Halfback was Travis Williams[13] of Green Bay Packer Superbowl fame. The Comets won every game they played during regular season, and had the distinction of defeating City College of San Francisco and their star player O.J.Simpson[14] before he transferred to USC. Courtney was also a Pilot and very active Scuba Diver with Advanced Ratings. Courtney also has an extensive Skiing History both in Competitive Water Skiing and Snow Skiing (Nastar).

  • In later years while working for Johnson &Johnson, Courtney began a Long Distance running career as a “Clydesdale Competitor” completing 4 Full Marathons (Two Denver Marathons (6,000′ elevation) and the Mardi Gras Marathon in New Orleans across Lake Ponchartrain, and the Mississippi State Marathon on the Blue Ridge Parkway ) & Half Marathons, numerous 15K 10K and 5k events. Courtney was also involved in High Altitude training and Competition in the Denver-Boulder, Colorado area. Courtney completed one of the most difficult Mountain races in History, running the Mt Evans Trophy Run” -14.2 miles all vertical from 12,000ft. to 14,424ft.This was the highest athletic competition in the World. Courtney also occasionally trained with Frank Shorter as a member of the Rocky Mountain Roadrunners and the Johnson and Johnson “Live for Life” Program.  During this period he was also active in Skiing, both Downhill and Cross Country. At 54 years of age Courtney moved from Running to Weightlifting. He began Powerlifting in 1999 by winning the “South Florida Masters Deadlift Championship”. Moving to West Virginia in 2001 for family issues,  put him in contact with World Famous Competitive Powerlifters Dave and Mary Jeffrey in Parkersburg, West Virginia.  Shortly after, he began competing in the United States Powerlifting Federation and the World Powerlifting Federation, with Dave Jeffrey as a coach and mentor.

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