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Absolutely….Most good coaches know this and plan accordingly for adequate recovery. During my peaking phase I would not deadlift again for at 10 days prior to competition. I would make my last Squat one week away from the day of the meet. Bench was 8 days out. The last Squat,Bench and Deadlift were “openers”. Notice that all the last lifts were successful openers. Your heaviest Deadlift comes at two weeks out(minimum)……then Recover – get an easy opener and forget about deadlifting until meet day. Most powerlifters make the mistake of too many heavy attempts right up close to the meet. Be a hero on “Meet Day”…not in the gym. If you are “Full Powerlifting” don’t forget to minimize your Deadlift Warmup at the Meet. By the Time I Deadlift I usually have done 50+ lifts (Including Warmups)….so I am warm…LOL! I just do a single with 1 plate , then two plates, then three plates then 4 plates…etc. Remember you may have to pull your last lift of the Day for the win.

Simple answer is each bar is designed specifically for that purpose. Deadlift Bars are usually very “whippy” and made for Deadlifting only. They can be seriously damaged by careless usage. Don’t ever drop them to the floor if you expect them to last long. Never do Rack-Pulls with them. Learn how the Bar acts with Big Weight before you compete with one. It can be surprising when the bar whips after you break it off the floor. Learn how to use this feature and you can easily increase bar speed. Master removing the slack during setup . Please visit this website ([1])for specific tips and videos of using this Bar.

Oly Bars are built to more rigorous standards in order to withstand being dropped during training and competition. Collars must also spin when performing Cleans or snatches. If the Bar and the Weights were rigid it would be a night mare to perform these lifts. So the type of bearings and the quality of the steel alloy becomes paramount in construction. Expect to pay a nifty premium for these Bars.

deadlift Bar Loaded


I am not a fan of cutting weight. I liked to stay at a weight where I felt strongest without being fat. I have on two occasions bounced over my weight class by 5 pounds just before weigh in….I can easily cut 5 at 242(110kg.) without losing strength. During my training cycle I would be very aware of where I was at so as to not get too heavy by contest time. I am referring to Powerlifting here. I never thought it was a good idea to get to far away from the weight your body was happiest at. For me it was 242 on a 6′1″ frame.

Its Ammonia to sharpen your focus and feel jacked!! Some guys really don’t like the way it makes you feel…(sick)…either way its really stupid to use it, as inhaling ammonia and whatever else might be in the commercial canned variety, is bad for your health. It also can interfere with concentration on Form and Mental cues to execute lifts like Squat or Bench. The Deadlift, though, is a lift where pysche is really important….”Grip it…and Rip it!!” may be helped by blowing the top of your head off with inhaled ammonia!!

Powerlifter sniffing smelling salts

I take it everyday for its health benefits outside of training. Most folks are taking 3–5g per day. There is a lot of misinformation that has been published about creatine…..You might want to check out this info on my website that has formed my understanding of Creatine.

Creatine Supplementation – Creatine the Primer

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Courtney Stanley Sr.

The answer is really simple in a way. There are 3 lifts in competition. Squat-Bench-Deadlift. That should be your focus. Your core training should involve those lifts with appropriate accessory movements to supplement the Competition Lift.

Personally I was usually doing accessory work to help with a weak spot in my performance,i.e, partial movements. I also would do different work depending on my Macro cycle position and proximity to competition. Off season (winter) I would train Heavy partials and Heavy Rack Pulls-Pin Presses-Band work for all three lifts. At 12 weeks out I started my competition training cycle performing only Squats in the apparatus that would be at the meet (Monolift-Squat Racks-Competition Bench-Comp Deadlift Bar) and sticking to the Core lift.…. Very last heavy lift was 2 weeks out from the meet. Last lift in the cycle was for “Openers”. The week before the meet was complete rest with the lone exception of a very brief Empty Bar day in the middle of the week.

If you don’t compete, simply sit down and build a set of Macro’s that get you where you want to be numbers wise and try to “Enjoy” stress free training! There are a boatload of fun Powerlifting Movements to try out in your regular workouts.Some are on my website.

Backing Out 600.1 lbs,

I would always get my creatine separately. Know your source of Creatine. There is so much poor quality stuff out there. I personally use Pure German Creatine that is micronized. For protein I use an un-adulterated Whey Concentrate unflavored from a grass-fed source. Flavoring often has “heavy metal” contaminates. The idea is to look for a “clean” source without anything added you might not appreciate.

I take it everyday for its health benefits outside of training. Most folks are taking 3–5g per day. There is a lot of misinformation that has been published about creatine…..You might want to check out this info on my website that has formed my understanding of Creatine.

Creatine Supplementation – Creatine the Primer

Mine are different as well. Its a bear to try and train the smaller one different than the larger. The most likely reason is the innervation density is different between the two. Muscle needs nerves to contract. If the nerve distribution is different or there has been an injury to the smaller side, there will be proportionately less muscle innervation, thus resulting in a smaller calf. This can also be caused by differences in the Soleus and not just the Gastroc’s.

Deadlifting is all about technique…please visit this Blog Page for an extensive look at this lift.


deadlift Bar Loaded


I notice very small differences when I lift…for example: forgetting to put a collar on one side of the bar…no matter how many plates are on the bar, I feel it, and it bothers me. When lifting in competition and attempting a record lift..I usually made 10kg. jumps..unless pulling for the win. The worst thing that ever happened to me was a mis-load for my opener at the US Nationals by an inexperienced platform crew. My last warm-up was 485#. My opener was supposed to be 573# (This is a normal jump for me at this point in a full powerlifting meet) the loading crew had brand new Eleiko Plates that were very thin looking compared to other types of weight Sets. They mistakenly loaded 683# on the Bar. I don’t lift with my glasses and can’t see the weight when approaching the bar. Hopefully the Loading crew and the Referees will spot this error after the announcer has declared the weight for the attempt.

But NO…the weight remained 683…remember I said my last warm-up was 485?

I can tell you I noticed the difference!! Here is a picture of that lift

(63yrs old here)…if you think my head looks like it might explode…..I’m sure you can understand why.!!…Notice the 573 on the screen…..yea right!!

I can only answer for me. I used very heavy Rack Pulls to get used to locking out a weight I probably couldn’t pull from the floor. I also NEVER used straps and pulled only conventional, even though I was a Sumo Puller. So this was Lockout training and grip training as well. This training was done in the last macro before peaking segment as it was too intense for adequate recovery during the last 12 weeks of training. I always went over 705 for triples with about 735 tops. this at 64 years of age and 110kg. This resulted in a Full Powerlifting Meet deadlift of 650.

Both!!…..I use straps for Barbell Shrugs to use the traps to lift and not my forearms and hands. I also use them for Romanian Deadlift assistance to train the Posterior Chain to failure not my Hands and forearms.

Personally I never train Deadlifts with straps for competition events. I use chalked hands for all floor Deadlifts AND Rack pulls. Same for Static Holds. Straps are not allowed in Powerlifting .


I have to slightly disagree with the previous answer. When doing seated DB presses there is an excellent opportunity to impinge the shoulder joint. Joint damage over time is more likely to occur in the palms facing forward position. Also if you are experiencing pain in the joint be careful how far you come down below the ears…..the safest option is stop at your ears. Another tip is to remember to stay very “tight”…don’t let the DB stray all over. Here is more Information Lateral Raises


Whey is the best choice here, but not isolates. Isolates are stripped of a lot of the value Pure Whey can provide. the best Whey is grass-fed concentrate with NO additives. Whey is one of the richest sources of BCAAs, which include the three amino acids leucine, isoleucine and valine. These amino acids have been shown to be absolutely critical for muscle growth, and even for energy during workouts. Whey protein also contains biologically active protein microfractions such as alpha-lactalbumin, beta-lactoglobulin, glycomacropeptides, immunoglobulins, lactoferrin, lactoperoxidase and various growth factors. These provide antioxidant benefits, boost immune function and enhance muscle recovery and growth.

Creatine is a re-supplier of mitochondrial ATP ( Cellular”Gasoline”). Both Whey and Creatine have both shown to stimulate the production of “satellite” cells, necessary for growth and repair of muscle. Creatine supplementation in healthy individual showed a significant improvement in the rate of recovery of knee extensor muscle function after injury . Supplementation decreases plasma lipid peroxidation markers and enhances anaerobic performance in rats. Combining fenugreek and creatine supplementation can help enhance exercise results. In a study of 47 resistance trained men, supplementation with 5 g creatine and 900 mg fenugreek extract increased their upper body strength and improved body composition.

Simple answer is yes…it is important to obtain a high quality creatine. There are two major issues

  • Contamination
  • Micronization

It is not necessary to buy Creatine with all kinds of “other” supplements added . German Creatine is frankly the Highest Quality, both from a Quality Control aspect and the Ultra Fine Micronization process. Its absolutely free of contaminates and provides a Creatine source that is highly unlikely to produce gastric upset if taken as directed.

I have learned from the best…try here for Deadlifting at the Elite level-A Guide

Strength Training and Weightlifting: How important are tendons and ligaments to force production compared to lean body mass (muscle)?

Tendons themselves are not producers of Force, they facilitate the application of force to the Bones they are attached to. Ligaments are also playing a supportive role in this respect in regards to bone joint integrity.

As a long time strength athlete and Medical Professional I watched with horror trainees that ignored the importance of Tendons and Ligaments. Poor Training schemes that did not sufficiently take into account Tendon/Ligament adaptation usually resulted in catastrophic failures. Many of these were the result poor technique or Muscle/Tendon Strength imbalances. Bigger Muscles need bigger adapted tendons to balance each other. Fluid and Diet intake are also extremely important to healthy Tendons.

Tendons and Ligaments have very poor blood supplies and thus respond to growth stimulus slowly and maybe more importantly are very difficult to rehab. They heal extremely slow, so its wise not to damage them, unless you want your training program on hold while you wait for an injury to repair. Some Injuries can be so severe as to permanently affect your ability to lift weight.


Now that I am all busted up from Benching for competition, I prefer DB Training. If I didn’t have to have Bench as part of a full Powerlifting Meet I would never use a Barbell for Benching. Dumbells are much safer and provide a much deeper stretch and range of motion. DB’s are also perfect for the shoulder stabilizers. I can hit every part of the chest with lots of movements you cannot do with a Barbell.

My Benching with a Barbell resulted in several Rotator tears and 2 shoulder replacements. All of these

injuries were from Raw Benching…never got hurt with a shirt.

Powerlifting Watch Magazine Courtney Stanley Opens with “Huge” DL at USPF Nationals

Create: 07/10/2009 – 07:41

USPF Logo Author: Staff
63-year-old Courtney Stanley (242) asked for 573 pounds as an opener at the USPF Nationals this past weekend. Imagine how suprised he was at how heavy that 573 felt. Stanley: “This thing was F’in Heavy”. Stanley was nearly locked out as this picture shows, when his left hand spasmed and he dropped what was supposed to be an easy opener. Look at the screen displaying 573.

Everybody thought that this was very uncharacteristic of the normally steady deadlifter. But on review, it turns out that a 110 pound misload had taken place! So he almost locked out 683 pounds. On top of this mistake, Stanley now had to turn around and lift 573 pounds again with only two minutes rest and had to pull 611 pounds with another four minutes of rest. Stanley states: “I spasm’d again on the 611 and dropped it, so I had my original opener and a WR Total so I passed on a third!” The good news is that Stanley will now be gunning seriously for a 672-683 deadlift at the upcoming WPF Worlds in Las Vegas. Stanley finished the day with a 1,537 pound total, adding a 589 pound squat and 374 pound bench press.

its funny how the mind

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its funny how the mind works, we should just have our helpers pick numbers much higher than what we would choose

What was his recent PR

Submitted by Anonymous (not verified) on
What was his recent PR deadlift going into this meet?

thats freakin crazy small is

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thats freakin crazy small is a state of mind – Derek Wilcox

dont forget here people that

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dont forget here people that this guy almost lifted it! Haha! Its a good thing this happened to him now he knows he is capable of much more!

Wow…. incredibly strong

Submitted by RonLHuillier on
Wow…. incredibly strong man for, especially at 63 year young!

I guess he will be gunning

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I guess he will be gunning for that weight at Worlds, LOL. Nothing like a 110 lb misload to discover the limits of your deadlift. Eric Kratz

That 683 was my opening

Submitted by dgunnermuro on
That 683 was my opening attempt. I was trying to tell the head table they were out of order but they already loaded the bar and Courtney was already pulling the darn thing. LOLOLOL I’m going to compete with earplugs and blinders on next time and just let my coach call the weights. David

Now thats the way to pull

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Now thats the way to pull some serious weight! Good job! I have seen a lot of misloads in my time, but this one is right up at the top. A cursory look at the load shows 250 kilos in red 25 kilo plates alone, along with 30 kilos more with the yellow plates, the 20 kilo bar, and smaller plates and collars. No way that that is even remotely close to 260 kilos. The misload was clearly an extra set of 25 kilo plates, so I guess the oversight is understandable. The lifter is to be commended for his focus, but the judges and/or jury should have seen that immediately. just my 2 cents of course. 🙂

Awesome pulling Courney! so

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Awesome pulling Courney! so we ll see that 683 lockout in Vegas!

If it was ten pounds lighter

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If it was ten pounds lighter he probably would have locked it out. Crazy.


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THAT IS AWESOME! Well, his 2nd attempt next meet should def be around 644!! congrats

Very impressive! I’d be

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Very impressive! I’d be happy if I could lift half that when I’m his age!

What was the head ref doing?

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What was the head ref doing? Sleeping? This is what you get when you use all 25kg plates and not 45kg plates. It’s easier on the eyes!

I should have seen the

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I should have seen the misload myself…but I didn’t wear my glasses and everything below my waist is a blur!!….but, I guess it’s always been that way…LOL! “USPF….the Legend continues……”

Good, now you know that you

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Good, now you know that you are good for pulling this next time!

That’s why we always hide

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That’s why we always hide his glasses during our work-outs, so we can mis-load and he never knows it,,, Tim Cochran USPF Ohio Chairman

I tried to get some, but

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I tryed to get some, but Eleiko no longer makes 50Kg. plates. When the weights are new they are harder to tell apart by quickly glancing at how many 25kg. plates on on the bar. They should be thankful this didn’t happen on the Squat or Bench attempts, as that could have been a real nightmare. Since 25Kg. plates are the only plates that appear multiple times on the bar, why don’t the manufactures have a diagonal black stripe on the rim of the plates. The contrast would help tell the plates apart. It would also help anyone reviewing pictures, U-Tube videos, etc. when looking to see how may plates were on the bar. I’m willing to test this out if I get permission from the various federations to stripe the plates. As for Courtney’s lift. WOW! Love his statement of “I thought that felt heavy.” Should be a great confidence builder for the Worlds. Best of Luck. Nice Lift!

Fantastic attempt. Imagine

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Fantastic attempt. Imagine the hysteria if he’d actually managed that last bit and locked it out. ‘Mind over matter’ Just shows, eh?