Nutrition and Supplementation

Nutrition and Supplementation for the Masters Athlete
Courtney Stanley

Nutrition and Supplementation for the Masters Athlete

73 year old Courtney Stanley….”What is this guy eating ??… I believe Nutrition is extremely important (Critical) to longevity and strength.” Everything I ingest has a specific purpose. The supplement  brands below are chosen for for their quality/purity….they may not be the cheapest…but you want the best right?? …and of course it does take a little work to assemble all the ingredients and ingest them at the right times and with the correct foods. I have eliminated all unnecessary medicines except Levothyroxine that I must take for my Thyroid. Back spasms from Spinal Stenosis Pain is managed through reduction of pro-inflammatory foods and substances as well as adding High Dose Astaxanthin, plus athletic activity.

I had a Heart Attack this July. and had a single stent placed. Stuff happens! All my Lab values were good and I was in excellent health. Drs. don’t know why, but blamed it on Genetics. Not Diet or Lifestyle. This assumption ignores Mitochondria function.

Most of the major diseases we’re currently treating with harsh and toxic drugs can potentially be solved with proper nutritional intervention that addresses your choice of cellular fuels.

Now using “Intermittent-fasting”…This is critical for proper mitochondrial function (Respiration) Please look this up as it is the most critical issue in a successful defensive strategy against Cancer-Diabetes-Alzheimer’s and most other acquired lifestyle diseases.

Don’t let age corrupt your well being and lifestyle….I didn’t want to retire and live as an invalid so some work and personal education was necessary to prevent this from overtaking me.

Let’s take a look at my daily intake of food and supplements.

  • MCT Oil ( Caprylic Acid C-8 ) 14g (Tbsp.) ..absolutely essential fat for fuel ( Ketogenesis ) this may be increased to as much as three tablespoons.
  • L-Glycine Powder 1gm x 3 times a day ….Essential Amino but great glyphosate detox.
  • Lutein 30mg plus Zeaxanthin 6mg : Eye Health ( Macula specific Carotenoids) : Quantuum Health Brand (Also C-E-Omega 3’s and Zinc )
  • Astaxanthin (antioxidant) 12mg (BioAstin): Most potent anti-inflammatory– Allowed me to stop taking NSAIDS !! (Crosses Blood/Brain Barrier)
  • Magnesium Lysinate Glycinate Chelate 400mg ( 200mg mid day – 100mg evening) Dr.s Best Brand
  • Vitamin B Complex ‘plus’ ( Nutrelo ) Methyl B-12 added to formula -Energy – Brain Health – Cell health.
  • Selenium Complex ..Selenium is absolutely essential  ( Take at last meal ) (**Note: Zinc is included in my Eye Health supplement)
  • Ubiquinol  200mg. (Qunol Brand) (Split into 2 doses) Mitochondrial Health-Energy fuel.This is better than CoQ10 for older folks! Note: helps with damage caused by Lipitor.
  • D-3 ( 2000IU )  Complex ( Bone – Heart – Sleep – Anti Cancer. ) Absolutely essential ! 
  • Probiotic with DDS-1 Strain (Important for over 50)(ProBio)
  • Whey Concentrate Protein ( “Pure Label Brand” – Grass-Fed) Never fall for Isolates that are nutritionally inferior to concentrate.  Casein is pro-inflammatory.
  • Olive Oil : 1/4 cup a day….use in Salad Dressing and other “stuff”.
  • Apple Cider Vinegar (with the “mothers“) 2tbsp. per day (See graphic below)

Medicine:Primal Fitness

  • Levothyroxine – 112 mcg. Daily (Thyroid)..recently lowered from 150.
  • Berlinta – Blood Thinner for Heart Stent (Only for 1 year after my Heart attack)
  • Lipitor – (Dr insists despite my cholesterol being 139) Taking 40mg.
  • Baby Aspirin – (Lifetime now)

By Summer 2019 will only be using Thyroid Medicine and baby Aspirin.

Food Choices:

  • Beef ( NY or Sirloin Cuts-Lean Ground Beef )Free Range Chicken ( Hormone- Antibiotic Free )- Wild Caught ( Maximum 1 times per week ) Seafood ( Mostly Albacore or Yellow Fin Tuna ) – Occasional Pork ( 4 times per month )
  • Sweet Potatoes...Purple Potatoes ( NO white potato or White Rice ).….Organic Brown Whole Grain Rice ) – Chard – Beets (and greens)-Fresh Carrots and Green Beans – Peas – Spinach – Steamed Broccoli  ( not canned or frozen ) – Green Leaf Lettuce Tomatoes ( yes they are High in Lectins but also High in Lycopene ) – Apple everyday.
  • Grass fed Whey Concentrate Protein – See Below (Smoothie)
  • Organic Butter  : ( Preferably Grass fed ie, “Kerry Gold“..)
  • Smoothie Shake = Pure Brand – California “Grass-fed” Whey Protein- ..add 3-5g Creatine-Fresh BlueberriesBanana-1tsp Ginger–1/2 Avocado Almond/Coconut Milk. ***Note: I throw everything in here…usually at midday to early pm.

Master Avoidance List

NO NSAIDS !! — No Pain Meds of any kind.

Ultra-processed Foods:

Examples of ultra-processed foods include breakfast cereals, pizza, chicken nuggets, soda, chips and other salty/sweet/savory snacks, packaged baked goods, microwaveable frozen meals, instant soups and sauces and much more. More generally, ultra-processed foods can be defined as food products containing one or more of the following:

  • Ingredients that are not traditionally used in cooking
  • Unnaturally high amounts of sugar, salt, processed industrial oils and unhealthy fats ( Read the ingredients closely!)
  • Artificial flavors, colors, chemical sweeteners and other additives that imitate sensorial qualities of unprocessed or minimally processed foods (examples include additives that create textures and pleasing mouth-feel)
  • Preservatives and chemicals that impart an unnaturally long shelf-life
  • Genetically engineered (GE) ingredients, which in addition to carrying potential health risks also tend to be heavily contaminated with toxic herbicides such as glyphosate2,4-D and dicamba
  • Unsprouted grains. If consuming grains (which are best avoided altogether), make sure they’re sprouted. Unsprouted grains, sugar or fructose decrease seven of the 12 most important hormones


  • Not only is sugar a highly addictive substance (surpassing that of cocaine, according to some studies), but other ingredients are also highly addictive, especially salt and fat. In fact, the processed food industry has developed “craveabilty” into an art form. Nothing is left to chance, and by making their foods addictive, manufacturers ensure repeat sales.
  • Sugar and fructose, including fresh fruit juice, as the rapid sugar spike effectively blocks hormone secretion; choose low-fructose fruits
  • Regular alcohol consumption, as this decreases your growth hormone production. Having just one alcoholic drink per day can decrease your HGH by 75 percent


  • No Cows Milk!
  • No Cheese ( worse than milk)
  • No Commercial Yogurt


  • High intensity Strength athletes need more Salt (Unless a medical Condition that Salt Aggravates exists)
  • Monitor all food for its salt content
  • Pinch of Pink Himalayan Salt to Salad Dressing and cooked Vegetables. (For me)

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