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Workout for the Limited or Injured Athlete (Senior)

DB Workouts

This is a 3-4 days per week workout for lifters who are in need of Cardiac rehab/strengthening, or Lifters with an Injury that prevents or limits one of the Core Lifts. In my case this is the Bench ( 2 Shoulder Replacement Surgeries  that are still rehabbing and have a structural weight limitation). I also had a heart attack June 30 2018 and the Intensified Cardio is a rehab thing….( I actually am enjoying this renewed attention to Cardio). I am also dropping weight as I don’t need it anymore for Heavy Powerlifts. My Shoulder Replacement screws are limited to around 100# of shearing force..soooo…no more Competition. So might as well get lean and ripped!….concentrate on stability/flexibility and strength.

I have structured my week as an every other Day training scheme of BOTH Cardio and Weights. (Add extra Rest day if needed {only one !} ) Try to maintain 3-4 days of only when your body says to.

I’m doing the Cardio on a different day than the Weights. I have, for now, changed to an all Dumbbell  and Bands workout.

Workouts are One Day Chest and Shoulders – Triceps, next Back and Arms…..then  Legs .

Push -Pull – Legs – T nation Link

Cardio workouts are 20 – 30 minute Recumbent Bike sessions done 2-3 times a week. Bike sessions are Steady-State Cardio with brief periods of HIIT. Steady State. Too much HIIT will sabotage the Strength Workout Gains. Sometimes I leave one Cardio out for more gainz.

I also fast 12-14 hours every day. Exercising while in a fasted state essentially forces your body to shed fat,  as your body’s fat burning processes are controlled by your sympathetic nervous system (SNS), and your SNS is activated by exercise and lack of food. (Most Days I make a Low Cal Pre-workout drink to help with sustaining energy during the workout…….If I am trying to lose fat….I just workout in a fasting state)

The combination of fasting and exercise also maximizes the impact adenosine monophosphate-activated protein kinase (AMPK),  which not only forces the breakdown of fat and glycogen for energy but also plays an integral role in autophagy — the process by which your body cleans out damaged organelles and cellular parts.

I am now, after 15 months of continuous training, where I want to be in regard to body fat. So I am ending my fast 1 hour before working out with a homemade pre-workout drink. I wait 30min to an hour to let it take hold before working out. After the workout I consume a heavier smoothie. or just have Dinner followed by a late night smoothie.

Rep ranges are 10’s and 15’s right now. You should also “slow down” the reps and concentrate on time under tension and squeezing to make the movement more effective…concentrate on the eccentric portion of the movement.. Here is the schedule:


(Accommodation to Reverse Replacement of Rt. Shoulder x 2  )

Workout A

( Increase weight by 5 each set )

Flat Bench Chest Press 3 sets 0f 15-12-10 (1st set 15)

Incline Chest Presses 3 sets of 15-12-10 (1st set 15)

Decline Chest Press 3 sets of 15-12-10 (1st set 15)

Incline Fly’s (Slow eccentric) 2 sets of 15

Seated DB Press 3 sets – 15-12-10

Front Raises 3 sets – 15-10-10

Side (delt) Raise 3 sets -15

Rear Delts 3 sets of 15-12-10

Skull Crushers 3 sets of 15

Tricep Kickbacks 3 sets of 15 (Prone Incline Bench) or 1 arm triceps press 3 sets of 15=12=10

Calf Raises (Body Weight) 4 sets of 20

Recumbent Bike : 10 Min ( HIIT ) Intervals

Workout B

One Arm Rows (Incline/Flat Bench) 5 sets of 15

Bent Rows 5 sets of 15 or Chest Supported Rows 5 sets of 15

Seated Rows 3 sets of 15 with Purple Band

Shrugs 3 sets 0f 15 – Finish with Isometric Hold followed by partials

Standing/Seated/Incline Curls 3 sets of 15-12-10

Hammer Curls (Incline-Seated-Standing) 3-4 sets of 15-12-10

Preacher or Spider Curls 3 sets of 15-12-10

Wrist Rollers (or wrist curls/crushes) 3 sets of 20 → all followed by 10 wrist curls each arm

Calves 4 sets of 20 (Super Slow count 3 at top and 5 at stretch) → Last set do partials AMRAP

Recumbent Bike : 10 mins ( HIIT ) Intervals

Workout C

Deadlifts (DB’s) Varying styles: (Conventional/Single-Leg/Romanian) 5 sets -10-15 (Feet turned out)

Squats (Goblet) 5 sets of  10-15 (Feet turned out)

Leg Curls 4 x 15 (Purple Band)

Pull-throughs Green Band 3-4 x 15

Hip Thrusters  Blue Band 3 x 15 or … ↓

Seated Curls or Variation 3 sets of 10 (this is an additional movement for my Replaced Shoulder)

Wrist Rollers 3 sets of 15

Calves 4 sets of 20

Recumbent Bike : 10 Min ( HIIT ) Intervals

Workout Notes:

  • Calf Raises every workout (4/5 times a week). Long Stretch in “Bottom” position at the end of each set. Slow eccentric phase after “Big Squeeze” at top of movement. These are all Body Weight off a block. Now doing Pump set on last set as a finisher)
  • Cardio on Recumbent Trainer after weights ( I’m too “zonked” to lift after Cardio ).
  • Workout in “Fasted State” when targeting Body fat. (See notes above)

Cardio Logs ↓(time on Recumbent Bike)70 years in Gym

Notes: Started Back Training November 18, 2018 (After Heart Attack)schwinn 270

  • Body Weight 207

December 2018 Cardio

December Cardio

Body Weight 205

January 2019 Cardio 

January cardio

Body weight 193

                                                                February 2019 Cardio

February training

March 2019 Cardio


March 2019 Cardio

Body weight 195 March 31

April 2019 Cardio


April Cardio Log
April cardio Log

Body Weight 197 April 30

May 2019 Cardio

May Cardio Log
May 2019 Cardio Log

Body weight 200.00 May 31

June 2019 Cardio


June Bike
June Cardio Log

Body Weight 198 July 1

July Early August 2019 Cardio

(Changed up to “Steady State” immediately following Strength Workout to avoid over training/recovery issues)

July-Aug Cardio

Body Weight 194 August 14

August 15 thru October 7 2019 Cardio

(Changed up to “Steady State” immediately following Strength Workout to avoid over training/recovery issues)

 Exercise Minutes

log for aug-octBody Weight 194 October 7

 October  2019 Cardio

(Changed up to “Steady State” immediately following Strength Workout to avoid over training/recovery issues)

October Cardio

Body Weight 195 October 31

 November 2019 Cardio

(Changed up to “Steady State” immediately following Strength Workout to avoid over training/recovery issues)

November Cardio
November Cardio

Body Weight 195 December 2, 2019

December 2019 Cardio

December Cardio Log

Bodyweight 195#

2020 Cardio Logs ↓

January 2020 Cardio

Last2Workouts changed to 10 minute HIIT Intervals January Cardioch

Body weight 201#