Optimal Supplement Timing

supplement timing

By Dr. Mercola According to an investigation published in JAMA in 2016, 52 percent of American adults reported using nutritional supplements in 2012, a statistic that has remained stable since 1999. While the use of multivitamins has decreased somewhat, from 37 to 31 percent in that timeframe, use of vitamin D and omega-3 supplements have dramatically increased. Vitamin D[…read more]

Powerlifters over 70 (Part 1)

Powerlifters over 70

Powerlifting over 70 ……”ain’t for sissies”  ( Part 1 – Nutrition). For Powerlifters over 70 the will to train and the concern for injury or illness certainly are prominent thoughts in our lives. A cold gym doesn’t help either!! Some of us have been Powerlifting or Strength training our entire lives….while others…have got the bug[…read more]

Primal Fitness for Athletes over 45

primal fitness

The secret to lifelong health and peak performance is modeling the lifestyle behaviors of our hunter gatherer ancestors — the so-called Paleolithic approach A heart rate of 180 minus your age is the ideal maximum heart rate for building aerobic capacity. That’s the heart rate at which you burn the most fat and tap into[…read more]

Staggered Deadlift Program

Mountaineer 606

Staggered Deadlift Program This is a staggered 10 week deadlift program for intermediate lifters. It can be repeated as many times as needed. Lifters will alternate between heavy and moderate deadlift days for 8 weeks. Week 9 is a deload week, followed by week 10 which includes a PR attempt. Calculating Your Starting Deadlift Weight[…read more]

Creatine..the Primer

Creatine sources

Top 12 Proven Benefits of Creatine What is Creatine? Creatine (α-methyl guanidine-acetic acid) is a substance that is found naturally in muscle cells. It is a dietary supplement that improves exercise performance and increases fat-free mass (R). Creatine is a compound that is both made inside the body from amino acids and obtained through diet[…read more]

What you should know about BCAA’s

BCAA Diagram

What you should know about Branched Chain Amino Acids By Dr. Mercola When your body breaks down or digests proteins, amino acids are what’s left behind. There are nine essential amino acids, which are not made by your body and therefore must be obtained via your diet. Of them, three — leucine, isoleucine and valine[…read more]

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